Thank you for visiting Fuel injection Connection . COM where we strive to be the best harness that you can find. 

You are looking for an easy to install, quality manufactured wiring solution for an engine swap and you have found it.
We have been in the industry since the early 1990s and are proud to have clients from all over the globe.

Our harnesses are designed and manufactured in house by highly qualified and trained technicians.

Building a project takes time, alot of it. The last thing you need is to have a hassle with wiring. So weather you are building a streetrod, hot rod, rock crawler, or daily driver, you can feel confident that you have the wiring part figured out.

If you are working on a C-4 Corvette 1984 - 1996 and need a blended harness for the LSX engine swap we can help with that as well. These wiring kits are set up specific to the engine/transmission combination that is going in and is blended to the factory wiring so that it becomes seamless by retaining all of the functionality of the original gauges and dash functions. 
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Thank you for visiting Fuel Injection Connection where we have been manufacturing engine swap wiring since 1993. We build the best harness for the price that you will find. Give us a call and we get you set up with exactly what you will need. Weather it be a TBI or TPI or LT1 or LSX or E38 even the E92 style from 2014 and up, we can get you up and running.
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