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We have been and are still here for the long haul, we have seen other manufacturers come and go with big words and cutting remarks, we are fully incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Fuel Injection Connection Inc. or F.I.C. is here to serve you with the best quality EFI wiring harnesses for your dollar PERIOD! We want Fuel Injection Connection to be the first name out of the mouth of fellow street rodders and street machiners everywhere. We strive to be the best by engineering and developing quality products and offering customer support long after the sale is over.

Notice the detail of the harness on the left, all of the connections have labels and the routing is straight foreword and simple. Simply lay it out over the engine and plug each labeled connection onto the equipment that it goes to. It's that simple. The instructions are part of our web sight so take a look at the instructions tab.

All of our harnesses feature isolated grounding, meaning just like the engineered harnesses of  GM, the grounded components within the harness go to different ground locations. They are not spliced together within the harness and are separate from each other to further reduce ground loops and to aid in isolating each grounded circuit. Some companies even run the sensor grounds together with the harness grounds. Sure they go to ground eventually but it is not correct so why would YOU want that?

The harness below is a TBI style, same attention to detail. Some companies do not offer the rubber grommet that pushes into the throttle body, ours does. We also moved the ESC (electronic spark control) module and the Fuel Pump Relay to the ECM location so that it is hidden inside the car for a cleaner engine bay. 

With our fuse scheme we always try to isolate power circuits by fusing sensibly. The fuel injectors are separate from the ECM power and the fuel pump separate from the ECM etc. This allows for easy trouble shooting during a component failure event, for example when a fuel injector shorts out it will not shut off the ECM so that you could retrieve trouble codes. Our LS series harnesses have up to 12 fuses for circuit isolation.



F.I.C. wiring harnesses are constructed of higher quality GXL wire, the same wire that GM uses in OEM. We also step it up a size by using 18 gauge wire where most builders use 20 gauge. With the larger 18 gauge for our TPI harness and the 20 gauge for the LT1, LS1 and the LS2 type harness, we are sure that you'll agree that the value is built into the harness right from the start. F.I.C. fuel injection wiring harnesses are assembled by trained technicians 1 circuit at a time to insure correct connectivity, each connector is machine crimped to the wire stranding with Delphi approved crimping methods. Wire splice points within the harness are kept to an absolute minimum but when they are necessary each of them are soldered and covered with hot glue type shrink tubing for durability and strain relief. All wire ties are installed so that the basic form and routing of the harness is easy and understandable. Installation is a breeeeze. The wire ties are trimmed off with a flush cut method to eliminate skin scrapes and snags plus it just looks better.

Our wiring harnesses come covered with higher temperature nylon split corrugated loom so that you don't have to mess with adding that to your budget. We offer covering as a separate package as well so that you can cover other wiring in your project for that finished look. All of our covering is Black. We also offer EFI wiring harnesses with all of the terminal ends soldered to the wire for severe duty applications.

Every single wire and terminal pin placement at the ECM is assembled and checked by the wiring technician first. When that process is complete then it is checked again by a different quality control technician. Then the harness wiring is routed and covered. Then all of the ends are trimmed and the correct terminals are installed on the wiring. When that has been completed the harness terminals are checked by the fourth technician installing the connector assemblies. Each terminal is checked for proper wire exposure, seal placement, and quality of the crimp. After the harness is complete and each connector is tagged as to what it connects to, there is a final check to make sure that each terminal is placed in the connector in the right location and it is tagged correctly. You can be assured that your new FIC harness is ready for the job. If in a non perfect world you end up with a problem with any of our wiring harnesses, we will stand behind it with a lifetime warranty for repair or even replacement if needed, for as long as you own it.

Wondering about your ECM or other electronics? If you have the original ECM or PCM that you would like to have reprogrammed, then we can also do that for you, as well as testing or simply removing the anti theft or changing tire size. For LT1 or LS1 purchasers, we offer a no charge service to check all of the components that you send us that are part of the system that you are installing. Many people have benefited by having us test the TAC drive by wire module, ECM, electronic pedal assembly, speed buffer module as well as simply checking the function of the ecm that they have. That’s right NO charge for harness purchasers, just pay the small extra shipping.



In 1992 we started building systems because there were so many cars out there with donor engines that needed to be installed into hot-rods. The problem was and still is that it is a scary proposition to spend good money on an engine and transmission combo and HOPE that it runs when you are done. What if one wire was missed and the whole car goes up in flames? That is the fear that most of us have had at one time or another. A typical LT-1 or LS-1 EFI harness has between 76 and 90 connections just at the ECM connectors. That number is not including all of the other connectors. ouch! So our harnesses are designed to be easily installed on that engine that we just mentioned.

There are other manufacturers that offer wiring harnesses as well. Painless for example, there are others that make a quality harness for allot of applications. First check out the quality and then the price. You can be sure that you are getting all of the quality and saving money at the same time. To take the fear out of your fuel injection project, read up, ask questions from people that have done it (there are allot out there), then purchase any one of our top quality wiring harnesses for a trouble free install.

OK so maybe a little bit more radical than most might be up for. 

The owners of Fuel Injection Connection have been involved with cars and electronics since 1983. Our technicians are quality trained people that have been in the Fuel Injection Industry for about 14 years. We have built custom fuel systems for off the wall motors like the Ford FE engine and the Pontiac engine, tunnel ram manifolds, TBI, TPI, and many others. Some of our project cars are on the customer screen. We have been building TPI, LT1, LS1 wiring harnesses since 1995 to use on our installs and motor swaps for customers. In the beginning we tried the other company’s wiring harnesses and found that we needed to modify those harnesses just to do a basic install. We found over time that most people can do the install on their own but they need a quality wiring harness to make it work. You will not be disappointed with your new FIC fuel injection wiring because we offer the quality as well as a lifetime warranty.

We also offer custom wiring for your project or race car from all out racing to hidden wiring in street-rods. Our harnesses and custom wiring can be seen in GOOD GUYS car shows, NASCAR Nextel Cup Racing teams, custom wiring harnesses for the cars that you see on TV. They have a basic electrical system but reliability is the primary concern when racing 200 MPH+ cars for 500 miles.

Think about this 860 horsepower spinning 9,800RPM with a 358 cubic inch naturally aspirated small block Chevrolet? The ignition panels are a must have for high output/ high RPM racers like these.


For your convenience we are set up for e-bay and Pay-Pal. For those of you who prefer Pay-Pal or e-bay please see our ads on e-bay under the store name (fuelinjectionconnection dot com ) or user id ( fuelinjectionconnection )

Along with the web shopping cart we have Pay Pal invoicing and can also accept all major credit cards over the phone. If you have questions or would like to make your secure purchase over the phone feel free to contact us at 303-641-6400

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